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Geltiles Cart Wheel Cars Set of 2 Pcs


✅ Set of 2 Cars – Each car will be in a unique color and you will be reciving a pack with 2 cart wheel cars (2 colors)
✅ Super Magnetic – The cart wheel car will be have 12 Magnets in it which would help you to play with any variant of Geltiles and other Magnetic tiles & toys
✅ The cart wheel car is made our of premium quality ABS material with the long lasting permenant magnets
✅ Multiple ways to play – The wheels can be used in multiple way during kids play (Ex: Forming train, metro, moving building, cart, truck, racing cars, etc…)
✅ Excellent Montessori toy for Kids Craft projects and used for art educational purpose
✅ Play: Kids will spend hours to play with these cars as they give them multiple opprtunities to pretend & play.We have made sure to have safe and highest quality toys for long play

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 12 cm


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