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Gelmag First Try 20 Pcs Set

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Just Not Another Toy!

But Science!

Unlimited Possibilities!

Explore! Innovate! Emerge!

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What's inside the box?
Square 10 pcs 
Triangle 8 pcs 
Hexagon 2 pcs 

Sharpen your kids mind:

GeLMaG is designed in such a way that can keep your little ones engaged for long hours.
The creativity has no limits and it can develop their spatial and cognitive ability sharpening their minds

Product Description

GeLMaG First Try 20-piece magnetic building set.
So many innovative designs can be formed using GeLMaG. It is never boring and kids can widen their imagination and possibilities.

What’s in the Box?

Square 10 pcs / Triangle 80 Pcs / Hexagon 2 pcs  – Total 20 Pcs 

Why 20 pieces?
Gelmag First Try is a beginners set or for some one who wants to try the concept of Magnetic blocks before investing huge  .
We have configured a compact set yet these 20 pieces are there kids can do team work and come up with many innovative designs.

Safety Certification:
GeLMaG First Try is BIS (Indian Safety) certified product. This makes GeLMaG a superior quality product.

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Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 13 cm


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