Just Not Another Toy! But Science!

EN71 (European) certified!

ASTM (American) certified!

BIS (Indian) certified!

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles TryMe - 20 PCS

7 Shapes

Amazing Gift or to try the GeLTiles for 1st time

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles Freedom - 32 PCS

7 Shapes

A Great Gift & Starter Kit with a Box

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles Everest - 40 PCS

6 Shapes

Transparent Tiles with Beautiful Dolls as Bonus

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles Ultra - 50 PCS

9 Shapes

Compact variant for beginner and add-ons

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles Advanced - 64 PCS

9 Shapes

Advanced configuration with most of the key shapes

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles Imagination - 100 PCS

12 Shapes

Helps to make most of the structure you imagine

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles GRAND - 110 PCS

13 Shapes

Unlimited Possibilities & Unlimited Play 

What’s in the Box?

Geltiles Premium - 150 PCS

16 Shapes

Completely Premium with Special Shapes

Product Description

GeLTiles Superior Quality sets 20, 32, 40, 50, 64, 100, 110 and 150 PCS:

GELTILES are closed geometric tiles which can make your kids’ play time more creative and imaginative.


A great way to spend quality time with your kids while they learn new things. The beauty of this open ended toy is it is suitable for kids, teens and even adults as they help in creativity and add up a stress free activity for adults as well

ENHANCES YOUR CHILD’S SKILLS: Inspires creativity and brain development. Helps develop shape and color recognition, building and motor skills, communication, space thinking, math, etc. With different shapes that can be combined to challenge their logic and thinking abilities

Why GeLTiles?

GeLTiles is an EN-71(European Nations Safety Standard ), ASTM (American Safety Standard) and BIS (Indian Safety Standard) certified Toy. This makes GeLTiles a superior quality product.

An open ended toy is always welcomed by kids and these are such a fun and educational toy for kids. Magnetic tiles are one of the best toys in the world and we have made it an affordable one for many. GeLTiles have reached every corner of India since 2014 with motherly care.

Safety and Quality is what our motto. We always believe buying GeLTiles is just not a spending but an investment.

More the Pieces + More the Possibilities = Unlimited Creativity!

More pieces and more possibilities.

When more number of pieces are there we can make more designs  .

Since 50, 64, 100, 110 & 150 pieces are there kids can do team work and come up with many innovative designs. 20 & 32 pcs set can be a started set for some one looking to experience the magnetism before investing huge.

Also Geltiles have many different geometrical shapes and patterns with bright colors that kids will definitely love

Few Structures from GeLTiles

Who can play?

Kids above 3 plus can play.

This is a best toy for kids of all age group above 3 and even adults enjoy playing with this amazing toy

Isn’t it expensive?

Well, GELTILES got the best price in the current market. The Magnetic Tiles are world celebrated toy and a must have for every kid.

Hence we have come up with the best price possible for our Indian kids without compromising our superior quality.

Are these breakable?

No! These are not breakable with usual play and rough handling by kids but throwing is not advisable

Are these prone to scratches?

Yes, these are prone to scratches but it’s a negligible thing and is good to play for years and years.

What’s the difference between GELMAG and GELTILES?

GELMAG and GELTILES both are open – ended and creative toy.

*can be used for more of 2D structures
*Building castles, stairs and mazes are fun
*Requires patience in stacking hence it develops the concentration skill

* Can be used for more 3d Structures
*Stronger magnets hence construction projects stay together better with the GELMAG

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