Just Not Another Toy! But Science!

EN71 (European Nation) certified!

What’s in the Box?

Gelmag FirstTry

20 Pcs Set
₹ 910

What’s in the Box?

Gelmag Premium

66 Pcs Set
₹ 3910

What’s in the Box?

Gelmag Special Edition

100 Pcs Set
₹ 6410

What’s in the Box?

Gelmag Metro

50 Pcs Train-Set
₹ 2999

Product Description

GeLMag 20, 50, 66 and 100 -pieces Magnetic Building Blocks set:

So many innovative designs can be formed using GELMAG. It is never boring and kids can widen their imagination and possibilities.

GELMAG is designed in such a way that can keep your little ones engaged for long hours.

The creativity has no limits and it can develop their spatial and cognitive ability sharpening their minds.


  • Gelmag First try 20 Pcs Set – Some one who would like to introduce magnetism to the kid (Started pack)
  • Gelmag Metro 50 Pcs Set – For the train lovers who likes to play with sports related toys
  • Gelmag Premium 66 Pcs Set – A complete package to make thousands of creative structures. One of the best selling!
  • Gelmag Special Edition 100 Pcs Set – Some one owns Gelmag or has advanced level of creativity can opt this special edition and explore millions of ways to play with this toy

Why GeLMaG?

GelMaG is an EN-71(European Nations Safety Standard ) certified, ASTM (American Safety Standards) certified and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified product. This makes GeLMaG a superior quality product.

Building with GeLMaG engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness.

Safety and Quality is what our motto.

More the Pieces + More the Possibilities = Unlimited Creativity!

More pieces and more possibilities.

When more number of pieces are there we can make more designs  .

Since 50, 66 and 100 pieces are there kids can do team work and come up with many innovative designs.

Few Designs from GeLMag

What Family says about GeLMag

Videos to make GeLMag more Fun

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