GeLMaG Story

Story behind GELMAG

My son Nilavan got an expensive “Magnetic Blocks toy” as a gift when he was around 2.4 years old in UAE.

I knew this particular toy is just not like every other toy and this is just more than that.

Yes! I guessed right. I could see my little one playing almost every day and he wasn’t getting bored at all.

We started to allocate time for playing with this toy every day. We watched a lot of YouTube videos and started making new structures every day.

We enjoyed every minute playing with it. One day my son will sort all similar colored blocks on one side, one day he will just name all colors and show off that he knows colors. There are days where he has built houses for all his tiny dinosaur friends and at times made big parking lots for his cute cars.

The structures we built everyday differed and we were making new inventions every day. Rockets, fish, ball, heart, small Car, big Car, Palace, forts, spaceship etc.. oh my.. the list is long..

Majorly I could see his screen time reduced a lot after the entry of Magnetic blocks.

I was amazed seeing how versatile this toy is and how nice if every kid had this. We shared this toy with my neighbor kids. I could see kids aged from 2 till 10 years were amazed playing with the magnetic blocks even adults too. So I started my research. In India a 20 pcs magnetic blocks set on Amazon website costed approximately 2200 INR .The beauty of “magnetic blocks/ tiles game” is if you have more pieces it will be more fun else we will be stuck with the same design and structure. Hence at least a 50 pieces set should be given to a child to explore a lot and broaden the imagination. In Amazon 50 pieces set costed 4500 Rs. minimum even during sale periods. I decided this innovative toy should become every kids’ toy. I always wondered how Western country toys have higher safety standards than Indian toys? In India the safety standards for toys is not that great. I decided if I sell this toy I should make sure this has the international safety standard and researched on EN 71 Certification (European Nations safety test on toys)

I decided to design the number of blocks needed and other accessories for the magna blocks to be interesting for kids on long term and came to a conclusion.

I designed a 60 pieces set which will keep a kid engaged for a longer time. I wanted to manufacture this toy in India but the budget and manpower factors made me decide to choose a partner in China and I started my research and I flew to China with my little one on my back .Yes! With a baby carrier and my husband took 7 days leave just to be with my child when I go to meet the potential business partners. I saw I was able to afford the similar magnetic blocks for much cheaper rates and they were made of low quality plastic. I learnt most of the low quality plastic magnetic blocks enter Asian market which are harmful .


I had to take my son Nilavan with me because I was breastfeeding him and this little fellow has never been away from me.

I didn’t know the language or the routes and I just went to China with very little knowledge. I know all my decisions were impulse. But I was sure this trip will make me more strong. I was an adventure lover by nature and I happily roamed around China😊

I was able to convince a big manufacturing sector of Magna blocks to tie up with GeL. I could see my dream beginning to turn true at that moment. For the past six months I spent so many days working day and night to finance this project. My hubby and Father were pillars of support even though they were unsure about my actions.

I spent days doing so many legal works and going to government offices for paper works almost every week in past three months . My husband works in Dubai and I flew to India for my dream to come true and I am in India for past six months working on this project. He is one loving person who thought this mad lady is behind something and I should let her.

I was able to design a best product and was able to get it with an International safety standard certification EN -71! I was happy I was able to launch “GeLMaG” for the best and affordable price for all the Indian parents. I can’t describe in words how much I endured for this project to come true. I want to see the same smile I saw on my kid’s face on most kids in India.

I am sure my project is a winning project because I am a parent and I can guess at least a bit how my fellow parents and kids would love this Toy.

I know I have blurted out a lot but to who else I will share? Thanks !

For this video shoot I stood for 8 hours

Make a learning Fun with GeLMaG.

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  1. Dhivya Sathishkumar

    Bhuvi, I did not know this beautiful inspiring passionate story behind the gelmag. I have not ordered it yet even though am longing for it. I am waiting for my salary to come to place an order. But, trust me, this true story just amazed me at your will power, your crazy madness. Women, I have got a good respect on you now than ever. This all isn’t possible without your husband’s support because you are basically investing the family time for your passion. He plays a very important role behind the scene I guess. Well, I see you “vera level” Keep rocking. My heart felt best wishes to you

  2. Sneha Makharia

    Hi I am interested in placing an order.

  3. Aastha

    We have gelmag and geltiles.. and you are right.. Kids absolutely love it!! We are planning to order one more set of each.. 🙂

  4. Swapna

    Thats amazing.. but theere are few other toys as well which kids will love it. i can say this because i did and and my kids did it as well

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