Just Not Another Toy! But Science!

EN71 (European Nation) certified!

BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards) certified!

What’s in the Box?

Following 10 vibrant colored GELCUBES Magnetic Cubes

(Each color 6 pcs and Total 60 pcs)

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Cream
  4. Blue
  5. Brown
  6. Green
  7. Yellow
  8. Orange
  9. Red
  10. Pink

Product Description

  • GELCUBES is an open ended toy and concept for younger children and it can entertain older kids and adults as well 
  • Ultimate fun building 2D and 3D structures while exploring the magnetism safely could be done with this extraordinary toy 
  • The effects of attraction and repulsion would be so much fun and learning at the same time.
  • Kids can learn mathematical concepts like fraction with fun and ease
  • The strong magnets connect the pieces together enabling the kids to build stable structures
  • The magnets are secured inside the cubes and hidden 
  • All GEL products undergo vigorous safety tests to make sure they are safest for kids
  • It is not only a Toy but Science


Why GeLCubes?

GELCUBES is one more world celebrated toy concept and it is listed under the top ten world celebrated toys. It help kids’ motor skills, the magnetic effect is so much fun as well.

The concentration and creativity of kids increases with this toy undoubtedly.

Are they safe? Any certification?

Yes! They are 100 percent safe and EN – 71 and BIS certified toy.

(European Nations Safety Standard & Bureau of Indian Standards Certification)  We in GEL make sure that every product of ours has the best quality

Few Designs from GeLCubes

Who can play?

Kids above 3 plus can play.

This is a best toy for kids of all age group above 3 and even adults enjoy playing with this amazing toy

Isn’t it expensive?

Well, GeLCubes got the best price in the current market. The Magnetic Cubes are world celebrated and GEL exclusively brings you the best quality GELCUBES Magnetic Cubes to India in an affordable price.

Are these breakable?

We see this toy withstands a lot of falls still sturdy enough not to break.  They are almost unbreakable however we advise not to be thrown to maintain the best magnetic strength. So best given to 3 plus.

Why 60 pieces?

A 60 pcs set gives kids opportunity to create a lot of structures and it is fun to make creations in group play.

Why GeLCubes are Unique?

GeLCubes have been ingeniously designed that when edges are brought together they always stick.
You can rotate the cubes in any orientation or flip them over, and they will always stick.

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