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GeLMaG Story

Story behind GELMAG My son Nilavan got an expensive "Magnetic Blocks toy" as a gift when he was around 2.4 years old in UAE. I knew this particular toy is just not like every other toy and this is just more than that. Yes! I guessed right. I could see my little one playing almost [...]
Will I be a good business person? We have so many mothers turning into business people with the help of digital marketing. The energy and dedication put up by many mothers are just so admirable. I also know many people who really want to thrive well in a business and also many who are dreaming [...]

GIFT EQUALS LOVE Article by Bhuvaneshwari K The love can be expressed in many ways and one of the beautiful ways to express is through gifts. And when these gifts wrapped with love with a thought of eco friendliness makes it look even more beautiful. Yes! GEL Products are wooden and every product is chosen […]