What is “Gift Equals Love”?


Article by Bhuvaneshwari K

The love can be expressed in many ways and one of the beautiful ways to express is through gifts.

And when these gifts wrapped with love with a thought of eco friendliness makes it look even more beautiful. Yes! GEL Products are wooden and every product is chosen with care.

The basic reason for this start up is to uplift the rural artisans of our own country. We specialize in hand made kitchen accessories. But we are diverse. We also have a wide range of toys from our South Indian artisans.

These toys range from eye hand coordination toys to sensory stimulating toys. The vegetable color and a pure hand crafted toys makes it more special. The fear of lead based plastic toys can just be kept away by choosing the wooden toys.

The cute kitchen sets and tea sets from GEL are a great pretend play toys for toddlers. The wooden rattles are a great sensory development toy. The best factor of these wooden toys are natural vegetable color. This benefit can calm down the new parents even if their babies mouth the rattles.

The customer satisfaction is our motto. As many customers requested for educational aids we gave in to import educational toys for them. Hence you can also find a variety of imported educational aids.

We strive our best to serve better every day. GEL has reached almost hundreds of customers and we are happy to keep serving them.

GEL bloomed from a Mother’s dream. Yeah! This e-store is run by a mom of a two-year-old hence every product is chosen with motherly love and care.


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